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Do you have a passion for women’s health and a commitment to improving the menopausal journey?

Are you a medical professional eager to share your expertise on menopause-related issues?

Do you want to be a nationally recognized authority in menopausal care and lead innovations in women’s health?

Are you dedicated to elevating your career as a menopause specialist and enhancing the reputation of yourself and your practice?

Can you see yourself shaping the future of menopause care and influencing positive change?

Welcome to the heart of The Menopause Association, where passionate professionals come together to shape the future of aging women’s health. As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to be a pivotal part of our mission. We believe that by uniting your expertise, dedication, and commitment, we can make an enduring impact on women’s lives during this transformative stage.

Our Advisory Board is a community of dedicated healthcare professionals who share a common goal: to empower women and redefine the menopause experience. We’re excited to introduce you to the benefits and requirements that define this dynamic and inspiring role. These requirements not only represent your commitment to excellence but also the incredible opportunities that await you as a member of our Advisory Board.

Join us in a journey where your expertise will shine, your voice will be heard, and your contributions will lead to positive change. Let’s embark on this adventure together as we shape the future of menopause care and make a profound difference in women’s lives. Are you ready to take the first step? Let’s explore the benefits and requirements and start this incredible journey.

Why Should You Apply to Become an Advisory Board Member?

Help us help you by providing tangible advantages and opportunities for professional growth, recognition, and collaboration, both within the association and the broader medical community:

  • Established Authority and Credibility: As an Advisory Board member, you will enhance your authority and credibility as a medical professional specializing in the treatment of aging and menopausal women, elevating your reputation within the medical community and among patients.
  • Differentiation and Patient Acquisition: Your Advisory Board position will set you apart from other medical professionals in your geographical area, increasing your visibility and attracting new patients seeking expertise in menopausal care, ultimately contributing to increased revenue for your practice.
  • Fee Increase Opportunities: By being an active member of the Advisory Board, you may have the opportunity to command higher fees due to your real and perceived level of expertise as a nationally recognized specialist in treating menopausal and aging women.
  • Invitations to Speak: You may be invited to speak at industry and consumer events, conferences, and educational meetings, both nationally and internationally. Depending on the event, there may be opportunities for compensation for speaking engagements.
  • National Recognition: Serving on the Advisory Board positions you as a nationally recognized expert in menopausal care, strengthening your professional profile and opening doors to collaborations, interviews, and media appearances.
  • Publication Opportunities: With support from association staff, we can help you can compile your expertise into a published book, further solidifying your status as an authority in the field of menopausal and aging women’s health.
  • Leadership and Direction: As an Advisory Board member, you will have the opportunity to provide leadership and valuable insights in guiding the direction of The Menopause Association. You will play a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s strategies and innovative treatments for menopausal and aging women.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Your Advisory Board membership offers valuable networking opportunities, enabling you to collaborate with fellow experts in the field, share knowledge, and stay at the forefront of advancements in menopausal care.
  • Access to Resources: You will gain access to a wealth of resources, research, and information related to menopause, which can be utilized to enhance your practice and patient care.
  • Contributing to Positive Change: By joining the Advisory Board, you will actively contribute to positive change in women’s health by advocating for improved menopause-related care, research, and awareness, making a lasting impact on women’s lives.

Requirements For Participation as an Advisory Board Member

Becoming an Advisory Board member for The Menopause Association is your chance to be a driving force in revolutionizing the menopausal experience. We’re seeking passionate and dedicated professionals who are eager to share their expertise and commitment to improving the well-being of aging and menopausal women. If you’re ready to join a dynamic community of like-minded individuals and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of menopausal care, these requirements will be your guide to becoming an integral part of our mission. :

  • Professional Qualifications: A licensed or certified medical professional in good standing with the relevant medical board or certification entity, with experience in treating or working with aging and menopausal women.
  • Passion for Menopause Advocacy: Demonstrated passion for helping women as they experience menopause, and a commitment to improving their overall well-being.
  • Content Contribution: Commitment to providing a minimum of one article, video, or other content contribution per quarter related to menopause. Members may either provide their own content or collaborate with association staff to create informative materials.
  • Participation in Webinars: Willingness to participate in at least two webinars per year, each with an anticipated duration of one hour or less. These webinars may include panel discussions designed for other professionals and webinars for the general public.
  • Financial Support: A minimum annual tax-deductible donation of $1000, with strong consideration for an annual donation of $2500 or higher. Preferred placement on the association’s website and consumer educational site,, will be determined based on the amount of the annual donation, with higher donations receiving more prominent placement.
  • Promotion and Outreach: Actively promote The Menopause Association, including displaying the association’s Advisory Board member seal on their website. Encourage and introduce other medical professionals to join the association.
  • Advisory Board Member Seal: Display the association’s Advisory Board member seal on their website to showcase their affiliation with The Menopause Association.

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