Partners, Friends, and Supporters of The Association

Healthspan Action Coalition was founded by Bernard Siegel, Melissa King and Sabrina Cohen to lead a new public policy coalition concerned about Healthspan issues that affect all human beings both young and old. Through this movement we seek to help address the need for accelerating, broadening and expanding access to new government approved medical advancements, that could impact the lives of all people and achieve an overall higher quality of life and health for all humanity.
The Cellular Medicine Association (CMA) is a beacon of innovation in healthcare led by the esteemed Dr. Charles Runels. The CMA is dedicated to advancing the practice of cellular medicine through rigorous research, education, and a commitment to excellence in patient care. Our association is a collaborative network where pioneering physicians come together to explore the frontiers of medical science and translate groundbreaking discoveries into life-changing treatments.
Boston BioLife is an organization dedicated to fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals and scientists, providing them with educational training programs and advanced resources. Their commitment to innovation and knowledge exchange creates a platform for improving healthcare practices and ultimately enhancing patient care.
Donna White established the BHRT Training Academy to equip healthcare providers with essential training in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, driven by her transformative personal experience with BHRT and the need for such expertise in medical practice. She has become an authoritative figure in the field, authoring publications and fostering practitioner and patient education through various platforms to promote the benefits of balanced hormones.
Thermi stands at the forefront of aesthetic innovation with their radio frequency devices, expertly engineered to refine the skin’s appearance by harnessing temperature-controlled radio frequency technology. This approach gently warms specific skin zones to invigorate collagen production naturally. Committed to the ethos that vibrant skin epitomizes beauty, Thermi provides only top-tier radio frequency solutions, affirming their dedication to delivering superior skin care.
Calroy Health Sciences is a pioneer in transforming cutting-edge scientific research into exceptional health products, with a commitment to enhancing foundational health for healthcare professionals and their patients. The company is spearheaded by industry leaders and guided by a distinguished advisory board, championing its flagship product, Arterosil HP, which supports vascular health.
The Fortune Law Firm specializes in democratizing the elite financial strategies typically reserved for the wealthiest 1%, making them accessible and cost-effective for the wider public. Their holistic approach to wealth management integrates business and personal financial planning to safeguard assets from various liabilities and taxes, offering services such as debt management, education funding strategies, retirement alternatives, leverage techniques, and comprehensive asset protection to ensure that business owners and entrepreneurs are well-protected and tax-efficient.
FemiWave™ offers a non-invasive, drug-free procedure using low-intensity sound waves to enhance sexual function and vaginal health by improving blood flow, increasing sensitivity, and promoting tissue repair. This clinically-tested treatment, involving a series of quick sessions, aims to revitalize vaginal tissue, boost natural lubrication, and improve overall sexual fulfillment with long-lasting results and no downtime.
Founded in 2013, Qualgen is an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility renowned for producing premium hormone pellets, skincare, and supplements, ensuring high standards of safety and efficacy from their state-of-the-art facility. Their dedication to scientific excellence and patient care has established them as a trusted provider in healthcare innovation and wellness.
The DNA Company advances personalized health by offering a next-generation DNA 360 test that decodes an individual’s genetic blueprint to provide tailored recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and environmental choices. Their detailed reports encompass areas like sleep, hormones, and fitness, aiming to prevent disease and optimize performance based on one’s unique DNA profile.
Platinum Media Solutions specializes in crafting bespoke strategies to help businesses excel in the competitive market, offering a suite of services from strategic planning to digital marketing, all rooted in deep industry knowledge. Their commitment to excellence and a collaborative approach ensures personalized solutions that align with each client’s unique goals for sustainable growth and success.
Ayush Herbs, Inc. combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science to deliver high-quality herbal supplements, aiming to bring Ayurvedic principles to a global audience through its scientifically-backed product range. Established in 1988 and grounded in organic Himalayan farming, the company is a testament to the Sodhi brothers’ vision of purity and quality, upholding rigorous quality standards and embodying the harmony of traditional and contemporary health philosophies.
The Functional Health Institute is a national network of specially trained, independent healthcare practitioners who promote prevention, and wellness in their clinic, using functional, integrative and nutritional approaches with their patients.
Offer Wellness champions Primary Care Providers as pivotal healthcare figures, offering advanced tools and expertise to enhance care quality and profitability through early disease detection and comprehensive, preventive care, ensuring PCPs remain integral in a shifting financial healthcare landscape.
ImmunoGenomics is a leading provider of advanced medical diagnostic services specializing in molecular testing; dedicated to delivering accurate and timely results, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide the highest level of patient care. As a state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory, they specialize in a wide range of medical tests and analyses, encompassing various fields of medicine, including pathology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, genetics, and more. Their team of highly skilled and experienced laboratory professionals, including doctors, scientists, technicians, and support staff, work diligently to ensure the utmost precision and reliability in every test performed.

At SensIQ, our mission is to enhance cognitive wellness and support the brain’s natural ability to perform at its best. Our vision is to provide safe and effective nootropic and adaptogen supplements that help people improve their focus, memory, and stress management abilities. Our products are backed by science and formulated to provide optimal results.

At NUTRAFi, we firmly believe in the potential of natural nutrients to enhance your well-being. We’re dedicated to inspiring a healthier, more vibrant life through our offerings. Elevate your daily routine with our vitamin sprays – a tribute to the seamless blend of science, nature, and the pursuit of optimal health.

Quicksilver Delivery Systems® distinguishes its liposomal products with a signature trademark, setting them apart from competitors and ensuring an unparalleled experience. The distinctiveness becomes evident in the remarkable clarity of our products, which is achievable only through liposomes small enough to traverse cells and enter the bloodstream post-ingestion, ensuring optimal bioavailability. The liposomes initiate absorption and efficacy upon contact with the mouth.