Dr. Charles Runels

Cellular Medicine Association

Dr. Runels worked for three years as a physical chemist at Southern Research Institute before completing medical school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, after which he completed residency and became board-certified in Internal Medicine.

During twelve years as an ER physician, he founded the largest group of ER physicians in his state.

He then began a private medical practice and conducted research in the areas of endocrinology, wellness, cosmetic medicine, & sexual medicine.

He contributed to multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications in the areas of hypertension, hormone replacement, sexual medicine, and immunology.

Based on his research, he authored a number of popular books about sex and chapters in medical texts.

Cosmetic Medicine

In cosmetic medicine, he designed a specific way of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the face, commonly called the Vampire Facelift®, and founded the Cellular Medicine Association to help promote further investigation in that area.

His recent work includes research on urinary incontinence and sexual function in both men and women–resulting in his development of the O-Shot® and the P-Shot® (Priapus Shot®) procedures.

His innovative approach to sexual health, cosmetic medicine, and his matching intellectual properties made him a sought-after

practitioner and lecturer. Over the past 11 years, he trained over 5,000 physicians in over 50 countries in his methods.

He is the father of three sons, grandfather of one grandson; and lives in Fairhope, AL

  • Founder – Runels Centre for Lifelong Health
  • Founder – American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (ACCMA)
  • Founder and Chairman – Institute for Lichen Sclerosis & Vulval Health.
  • Founder – LifeStream Medical Inc. a medical research organization
  • Member – Association of Clinical Research Professionals
  • Member – Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Investigators Physicians
  • Member – International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing

Dr. Charles Runels
Cellular Medicine Association
Fairhope, AL

(888) 920-5311

The American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (ACCMA)

The ACCMA aims to discover, refine, and share the latest in regenerative medical procedures to empower practitioners and their patients in achieving a more healthy and beautiful body.

The organization protects patients by listing approved and certified practitioners in an updated directory while standardizing a standard level of care for each procedure. The organization continues to train its members on updated techniques and new innovation in the field of PRP in addition to the best practices involved in running a successful regenerative medicine clinic.

Dr. Runels and his organization the Cellular Medicine Association are driven by the passion to help patients heal with safe and effective procedures. In many cases, the procedures are changing lives, repairing relationships, and restoring the inner confidence of patients. Dr. Runels is humbled by the interest of medical practices and professionals who are joining to become a part of furthering this mission across the world.