Healthspan Action Coalition

The Healthspan Action Coalition is a global societal movement supporting healthy aging. Building upon a foundation of trusted and matured connections and networks, the movement merges a wide spectrum of collaborative efforts promoting favorable policy and funding for scientific research, innovations and patient engagement.

By communicating the importance of cutting-edge medicine to lawmakers, governments, media and the public, the coalition has accelerated basic research and translational medicine, and moved the regulatory needle.

The Coalition unites all stakeholders who have an interest in lessening the burden of diseases and conditions that affect not only the aged, but all patients worldwide who experience an enormous range of health conditions, all of which impact the healthspan. Central to HAC’s formation is the recognition that virtually all diseases involve rapid premature aging, taking years off people’s lives, and the underlying cause of most widespread diseases is the aging process itself.

The Coalition’s priorities include:
  • Increasing government funding for healthspan research, funding and filling clinical trials.
  • Prioritizing an accelerated regulatory process for healthspan treatments and cures, enacting evidence-based regulations that keep pace with innovation.
  • Advancing public and private sector payment policies supporting patient access to regenerative medicine and other advanced therapies aimed at extending the healthspan.
  • Lessening preclinical animal testing and substituting, where feasible, support for and deployment of advanced technologies, including precision medicine, organ-on-a-chip, AI, organoids and tissue-engineering.
  • Addressing the progress, implications and global adoption of the World Health Organization ICD-11 codes declaring aging is a disease-related condition.
  • Driving workforce development initiatives, including within technical schools and community colleges, to build capacity and develop a skilled workforce for this highly technical field.
  • Distributive justice–delivering increased healthspan to all populations and communities by creating cross-sector collaborations and tools aimed at addressing disparities in the drivers of health, racism and bias, and structural flaws in the health system. All people have the fair and just right to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their health, longevity and well-being.